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CCTV and Lighting


Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems are a very effective means of protecting your property.

We supply bespoke CCTV packages for both business and domestic purposes. They are a powerful deterrent enabling effective protection of buildings and immediate surroundings.

They also provide a source of vital evidence against those who commit crimes against property or people. For example burglary, assault, theft and vandalism are some of the crimes that can impact on you or your property.

Business premises of all sizes can be protected by our individually designed systems.

Our systems are backed up by:

High resolution cameras
Remote monitoring
DVD recording
Complete packages tailored to your specifications


PIR operated floodlights are particularly effective when used in conjunction with our CCTV systems.

Alternatively as a stand-alone installation, they are a simple cost effective deterrent. In addition to building they can be used to illuminate pathways and surrounding areas.